Orius column-defect problem

The Orius camera shows a column defect that fluctuates erratically.

The position of the defect at the different binnings is listed below. The column where the defect appears does not depend on "rotation" or "flip".


binning, column

1x, 2098

2x, 1048

3x, 699

4x, 524


A portion of an image showing the defect is below:


An unprocessed image with no beam shows several column defects. Only the bright one right of center is a problem. There are about 50 counts above background in the column.


The Camera Configuration panel is shown below. The "Defects" box seems to make no difference.


The difference between two unprocessed images taken with no beam shows the column getting brighter and darker over a few minutes.


If we select a smaller CCD area (50% shown below), the gain corrected image looks terrible. So I wonder if it is just a software problem with the dark correction: